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What is a solar home?Residential grid tie system.

A solar home uses free energy from the sun for heat and light and power.

Passive solar homes are designed to make use of the sun's free heat and light, allowing, for example, the sun to shine deeply into the house during cold months to be absorbed by the mass of floor or walls and then radiated out slowly at night.

Solar electric homes actively use photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight to electrical power.  Solar home power gives freedom from dependence on rising utility prices.  It can power a house far away from utility power or can be tied into the utility in a give and take relationship.

But a solar powered home is much more than this.  Before mounting solar panels onto a home, the owner must consider a very important concept: the house's energy efficiency. The very first step towards creating a solar home is to convert an energy wasteful home into a lean, clean energy efficient homeMore on how to make your home energy efficient.

Is solar electric still too costly to be practical?How much power does a refrigerator use?

No, especially when you take into consideration the current Solar Incentives, which include Federal tax credits, state, city and utility subsidies, and grant programs.

A common argument is that solar electricity is too expensive compared to the electricity sold to you by your utility company.  This is not the absolute truth!  The real truth is that wasteful use of energy is never sustainable.  We pay for it in more ways than just our electric bill.  We pay for our over-consumption in taxes that go towards subsidizing dirty sources of energy and cleaning up the environment.  We pay for it in healthcare costs for breathing dirty air and eating dirty foods.

A solar home that incorporates passive solar house design uses less energy, and the cost of the solar electric system to support it is reasonable and affordable.  And when you produce the energy you need for your own home with clean, renewable solar energy, you are helping to keep our environment a healthy place to live and grow our families.  

A sustainably designed solar home will give you independence from the economy's up's and down's, will protect you from spiraling energy costs, will help lower our carbon footprint, and slow global warming.

More on estimating cost of your solar home power system.  First grab your utility bill!